Herbert Muellner currently serves as the Head of Research and Development at Versuchsanstalt TGM in Vienna. Herbert’s educational journey includes technical and polytechnic schooling, complemented by his psychology studies at the University of Vienna. With a career spanning decades, Herbert has held various roles at Versuchsanstalt TGM, starting as a Research Assistant in 1984 and eventually assuming the position of Head of Research and Development in 2019. His extensive teaching experience includes imparting knowledge on acoustics at several educational institutions. Herbert actively contributes to standard committees focusing on room and building acoustics within the Austrian Standard Organisation, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to advancing the field.

The subjective experience of acoustic events and the perception of sound insulation


Talking about aspects of acoustics very often concerns the interaction of physics, physiology, and psychology. Thus, this lesson gives a short refresh of the process of hearing and aspects of our hearing sensitivity but also how subjectively physical and physiological stimuli are individually processed, which is worth to be regarded in design approaches of the different disciplines. Following these “objective” and “subjective” interaction aspects light will be shed on the current approach of the characterisation of the sound insulation quantity of building elements. With prepared listening samples there can be get an impression of the advantages and disadvantages of the standardised applied method in calculating the single number quantities (SNQs). Participating in a listening test gives an insight into the methods used to examine the subjective experience of sound insulation quality.