STU Bratislava campus & Bratislava info

The Faculty of Civil Engineering

Radlinského 11

810 05 Bratislava


GPS 48.152059, 17.115413

The main entrance is on the northern side of the building, and is indicated by the pinpoint on the map. From this point, you should find arrows to guide you to the lecture rooms for the training school.

The main public transport stops in the area of the campus are shown in the map below, together with Hotel Akademik and Hotel Saffron and two supermarkets that are close by.

The walk from Hotel Akademik or Hotel Saffron is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Getting to Bratislava

Bratislava Airport
Bratislava has its own airport (code BTS), which is located close to the city

From the airport to the campus: It is best to take public transport: Bus 61

Vienna airport
Vienna Airport in Austria is larger and may offer better connections. A connection by bus to Bratislava is provided by 4 companies (Regiojet, Slovaklines, Flixbus and Blaguss). The trip takes only 50-60 minutes. It is better to buy a ticket in advance (1 day before your travel is fine). The busses arrive in Bratislava at Bratislava Hlavná stanica (the main train station) or Bratislava NIVY (the main bus station). Both are within walking distance of the campus, and public transport connection is also possible (for travel instructions from the train or bus station, see below)

Bratislava train station
As an eco-friendly option, Bratislava is also reachable by train. It has a direct connection to several major cities in the broader region. Bratislava has two train stations: Bratislava Hlavná stanica in the northern part of the city is the main train station and is closest to STUBA, Bratislava-Petržalka in the southern part of the city is a bit further away, but still easy to reach by public transport.

Bratislava is also well-connected to Vienna with trains every hour: the lines are REX 8 and REX 6 for Bratislava Hlavná stanica and Bratislava-Petržalka respectively. Tickets can be bought bestthrought the Austrian railway company ÖBB.

From Bratislava Hlavná stanica to the campus:

Option 1. – Public transport: Tram 1

Option 2. – Walking takes approx. 12 min and follows the exact route as for the tram above

From Bratislava-Petržalka to the campus

Public transport – Bus 93 or Bus 94

Bratislava NIVY – The main bus station

Option 1. – Public transport: Bus 41

Option 2. – Walking takes approx. 20 min and follows the exact route as for the tram above

Tickets for public transport

When buying tickets for the public transport in Bratislava, there are several different options. You can buy them in a paper form – in ticket machines at public transport stops, or electronic form (in the IDS BK app). An SMS ticket is another option – seding any character to number 1140 (40 minutes ticket), 1100 (70 minutes ticket) or 1124 (24 hours ticket). More information you can find here :