Bruno Depré, a civil engineer with a passion for sustainable building, holds a degree from KU Leuven (1984). As an architect since 1996, he excels in MEP project design, prioritizing comfort and energy efficiency. With a rich academic journey, he lectured at KH Denayer and worked as a professor at KU Leuven, specializing in Comfort Design, Building Technologies, and more. Bruno’s global impact includes collaborating with WHO Téchne on vital projects like Treatment Centers for infectious diseases. A visionary entrepreneur, he founded IRS Studiebureau BV (1992) and COODE Architecten BV (1997), pioneering management, structural engineering, MEP design, and architecture. Explore his contributions at www.irs-studiebureau.be.

Challenges in Building Retrofit – Ventilation, Fire Control, Light


This lecture is focusing on ventilation, fire control, and light optimization. The lectures explore the complexities of retrofitting buildings to meet modern standards while ensuring optimal indoor conditions:

  • Ventilation systems are pivotal in achieving energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Challenges in their design and implementation are discussed, emphasizing sustainable air quality and user well-being.
  • Fire control involves selecting materials, creating fire compartments, and designing safe evacuation routes. Diverse standards and city-specific challenges underline the importance of effective fire safety measures.
  • Optimizing natural daylight is explored, considering its benefits and mitigating potential greenhouse effects. Strategies for maximizing natural light without compromising efficiency are highlighted.

These lectures provide insights into multifaceted challenges and innovative solutions for successful building retrofit projects